Thanks for stopping by Living In China with Kids!


I’m very excited about creating useful blog posts for foreigners who are coming to China, specifically those who are brining kids along. A little bit about me: I’m a 30-something wife and mom of two (Nathaniel is six and Catherine is two).


I came to China right out of college to teach English at a local high school, worked there for two years before getting married to my husband (a doctor at a local hosptial, also Chinese) and switching jobs.


Teaching at the college lasted for three years until I had met the limit of consecutive working years that our province started upholding. I had to stay on a travel visa for two years. In the meantime the college started downsizing and let go most of the English department; thus I too was not needed. Later I got a job teaching corporate managers on a work visa but that too ended when the boss lost his job. Hello again, travel visa.


Now I’m here, hoping to share what it’s like living in China–with kids–with you!