Update on Vitacost Orders to China

I’ve placed, and received, three orders with Vitacost and thought I’d give an update on my experiences so far.

In my previous post, I told how there was some glitch in the package leaving Hong Kong but otherwise it arrived without a problem, and within the given time frame.


With my second Vitacost order I bought a bag of beef gelatin to make a healthy gummy candy for the kids. It never clicked in my mind that since it’s derived from animals, customs doesn’t allow it. And they caught it. The box arrived with the item highlighted and a sentence saying that it’s not allowed to be shipped in the country. I spent a good two days upset with myself for making such a stupid mistake, which cost be almost $20 when you factor in the shipping cost.  That was in mid June. Imagine my surprise when about a week ago I got an email saying that my return was received and that my credit card was credited for the product! Sure enough there’s a credit back on my credit card for that amount. What an unexpected blessing. I’m still out the shipping cost and tax but I’ll chalk that up to “stupid tax.”


Now I’m very careful with my orders, double checking to ensure that I’m not accidentally violating customs rules.


My third order went through just fine, though I wasn’t allowed to add the two free samples, like I was in the past. I was able to add them but it said that they couldn’t be shipped to China. Once I removed them from my cart, the order was processed. Honestly I’m a little bummed because I love free samples of things like granola bars, toothpaste and deodorant (super hard to find outside of the big cities in China).


Vitacost Has Some Great Sales
My last order included 8 bottles of ALA (which my husband takes daily) since there was a buy one, get one 50% off sale. This week I got an email about a buy one get one free sale. Bummer…and it’s on the same sort of products, all Vitacost brand items, it seems. Next time I’ll wait for that; were pretty well stocked on all the supplements we take but in a few months I’ll jump on this discount when it rolls around again. I’m sure it will; retailers typically follow a sales cycle.


Shipping and Customs Fees
Since my first order, the packages have arrived much sooner. I’m pretty sure that was just a fluke, though it seems that it does take two to four days for the package to be picked up by the shipper. I’m not exactly sure how the process works, but once it gets picked up by Shun Feng I can track it via a link in my order confirmation.


With all three orders, each totaling over $100, the customs fee was 60 yuan. The first one was just over $100 and the second one was close to the order limit (imposed by Shun Feng) of $160. So I’m guessing that it’s a flat fee no matter the order total, which means you get more bang for your buck (or yuan) when you place a larger order.
Other Discounts
I also always start my order though Ebates.com (join to get a credit) which gives 4% back on Vitacost orders. Not much, to be sure, but it helps take the sting out of the shipping costs. Twice I’ve encountered problems with not being credited properly, but upon filling out the online customer service form, I was credited the amount within a few days. Ebates only pays out quarterly, so the delay in that wasn’t a problem.


I also check RetailMeNot.com to get the link to the free samples and see if there are any discount codes. Often if I place a few items in my cart, but don’t check out, I get an email saying they’ll give me 10% off my order. But I’ve had a coupon code for 12% off and seen another for 15% off, as well.


Overall I’m a very happy customer and so excited that I can get these things shipped to China at rather affordable prices.


(Links are affiliate links, which means I get a small credit if you place an order, but your price isn’t affected at all. Thanks for helping keep the lights on here!)

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