Get Your Copy Of Knocked Up Abroad Again

I’ve always dreamed of writing a book, and while this isn’t my brainchild and my story is just one of the 25 in the book, it’s fantastic to see my name and work in print. Although I’ve had that experience with my parenting columns for Tianjin Today, it’s not quite the same as seeing it in a book.
A real, paper and ink book! I’ve spent hours living vicariously though the tales from the other women, who’ve conceived, carried and birthed babies all around the globe.
I’ve got a few copies of Knocked Up Abroad Again that I’d love to send you if you’re in mainland China.
Each copy is 175 yuan, plus shipping.
Just email me at CharlotteEdwardsZhang at gmail dot com if you want one and I’ll arrange payment through PayPal or WeChat.


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